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Women's empowerment is a movement involving respect, honor, recognition and love toward all Women. Empowerment can be defined in many ways, however, when talking about women's empowerment, empowerment means accepting and allowing people (women) who are on the outside of the decision-making process into it. "This puts a strong emphasis on participation in political structures and formal decision-making and, in the economic sphere, on the ability to obtain an income that enables participation in economic decision-making."

Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society, and in their communities. People are empowered when they are able to access the opportunities available to them without limitations and restrictions such as in education, profession and lifestyle. Feeling entitled to make your own decisions creates a sense of empowerment. Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy, and training. Women's empowerment is all about equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society.



Introduction to Debt Markets

Debt is a traditional asset class which performs the function of preserving or protecting your capital from eroding or turning negative.


Classification of Indian Debt Markets

Through various reforms in phases over the past 20 years, the Indian debt market has undergone a process of a structural overhaul.


Participants in Indian Debt Markets

Like any other market, Indian debt markets too have participants who help in smooth and efficient functioning of the debt markets in India.

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Factors impacting Debt Markets

Debt markets are driven by host of factors that impact the sentiments of debt market investors. We will apprise you about factors that may impact your debt market investments.

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