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You need an asset class that performs the function of preserving and protecting your capital from eroding. As debts are construed to be less volatile than equities, they are preferred by conservative investors looking for safety of capital. In this section we will tell you what it takes to select the right debt investments for your portfolio.

Debt is a traditional asset class which performs the function of preserving or protecting your capital from eroding or turning negative. The Indian debt market has grown massively over the years.

Through various reforms in phases over the past 20 years, the Indian debt market has undergone a process of a structural overhaul. In this video we will tell you about broader classification of Indian Debt Markets

Like any other market, Indian debt markets too have participants who help in smooth and efficient functioning of the debt markets in India.

Debt markets are driven by host of factors that impact the sentiments of debt market investors. We will apprise you about factors that may impact your debt market investments.

Indian debt markets offers choice of various fixed income instruments, some of which may be suitable for you to invest your money at a relatively lower risk.

If you are a cautious investor, you may be looking for instruments that can help you protect your capital from eroding or turning negative and nearly preserve your wealth.

There are various terms commonly used by debt market investors, which you should be aware of in order to understand the functioning of debt markets.

Bond Yield vs Bond Prices Bond yields impact bond prices and thus your investments in debt instruments. We will tell you how.

There are various ways to invest in debt markets. Some of which you may be aware of and some you may not have come across.

Debt markets may be risky and not all debt instruments are safe. We will tell you about 5 things you should consider while investing in debts.

Debt is suitable for conservative investors, but all debt market instruments may not be safe. Hence you need to understand your risk appetite while investing in debts.

While debts as an asset class may have the ability to provide you safety, they may not provide you adequate returns. There are few points you should consider while allocating your investment portfolio towards debts.

Mutual funds offer you various investment options in order to fulfil your investment objectives. One such option is debt mutual funds, which can help you take exposure to debts.

In this video we will tell you about 5 key benefits of investing in debt via mutual funds.

There are various types of debt mutual funds available for you as an investor. In this video we will tell you about various categories of debt mutual funds and how they can be suitable for you.

Interest rates have an impact bond prices and thus your investments in debt mutual funds. We will tell you how.

If you are a cautious investor looking for protecting your capital and preserving your wealth, debt mutual funds may have a key role to play in your portfolio.

There are many debt mutual fund schemes available in the market today, each having different investment style and objective. We will tell you about some important parameters that you should consider while selecting debt mutual funds.

While you assess debt mutual funds, it is important to study their portfolio well and understand the same in terms of average maturity profile and duration. This will help you give a fair understanding whether funds are held in longer maturity papers or shorter ones. We will tell you how to judge a debt mutual funds portfolio.

Annual expenses involved in running the mutual fund include administrative costs, management salary, overheads etc. Expense Ratio is the percentage of assets that go towards these expenses. It might not be worth buying mutual fund scheme which has a high costs associated with it.

While investing in debt mutual funds, you should be aware about the tax implication on your investments. In this video, we will update you with the latest tax implications on your investment in debt mutual funds.