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Gold is an asset class, which needs no introduction. We use this precious metal in our day to day life in some or the other form. But do you know why gold is a critical asset class when it comes to investing. In this section we will tell why you should have gold in your portfolio and how you can invest in gold the smart way.

Gold has always occupied the center stage in the evolution and development of monetary system in the known human history. In contrast to other major asset class such as equities, real estate or debt; gold is considered be a store of value. In this video well explain what has made gold so unique.

There are various ways in which gold is put to use. In this video we will explains the use of gold and you as an individual can make the best use of your gold holdings.

Here's a rational comparison between investing in gold and silver, elucidating each one's uniqueness as a precious yellow metal. In this video we will tell you, which amongst the two is better from an investment point of view.

Gold shares a negatively correlation with some commonly held asset classes. Hence how it could potentially act as a hedge or a store of value in your portfolio by maintaining an optimal asset allocation is explained in this video.

There are many ways you could invest in gold. You could take the conventional route and invest in gold in physical form or go for the unconventional way. We will explain the options available weighing the pros and cons, and tell you which is a smart way of investing in gold.

Gold ETFs are offered by mutual funds and is unconventional way you could invest in gold. In this video gold ETFs is talked about in length and breath.

Investing in gold via gold ETFs offers an edge over investing in gold in physical form. There are host of benefits of investing in gold via gold ETFs, and which is why it is one of the smart ways of investing in gold.

Amongst Gold ETFs and Gold Savings Funds, which of the two takes edge over the other and is ideal to investment money in gold.

While you decide to allocate some portion of your investible surplus in gold via gold ETFs, it is vital that you select gold ETFs prudently. This video explains the facets to be looked in to select the right gold ETF for your portfolio.

Gold is an alternative asset class and effective diversifier. Whatever your risk appetite is, gold should always form an integral part of your portfolio. But you ought to optimally own gold. Learn how to allocate your assets through this video.

While you allocate some portion of your portfolio in gold via gold ETFs and gold savings funds, learn the tax implications through this video.