[Gold Series]

Session 3: Gold Vs Silver

We are glad to have you with us for our 3rd Session on Gold – How is Gold Put to Use?

Alright so let’s get started…

Performance Of Global Indices
  Gold Silver
Usage Jewellery Jewellery and industrial use
Value High Low
Storage Needs less storage space Needs more storage space
Popularity Store of value Industrial use
Purchase by Central Banks Preferred Precious Commodity Not Preferred
Status as a Currency Alternative currency No such status
Industrial Application Limited High
Investment Avenue More favourable Less favourable

  • Usage: Silver is known to have more usage than gold. While silver is also a common commodity for industrial use apart from jewellery and ornaments, gold is a preferred precious metal which has traditionally been more in demand in the form of jewellery and ornaments

  • Value: In terms of price, Gold is more expensive than silver.

  • Storage: Gold being more valuable than silver takes less storage space than silver and is therefore more convenient to store as compared to silver.

  • Popularity: Gold has always been a better store of value when compared to silver which is now a more popular industrial commodity.

  • Purchase by central banks: Since ancient times Central banks across the globe have kept on buying gold as a reserve. On the other hand, there is no such buying interest by the central banks towards silver.

  • Status as a Currency: The best argument that can be made for gold right now is its status as an alternative currency to fiat currencies. No such argument can be made for silver at this time.

  • Industrial Application: Both the precious metals are used in industrial applications. While silver is applied more for industrial purposes, Gold has limited industrial use.

  • Investment Avenue: From this rational comparison between gold and silver, elucidating each one's uniqueness, we can easily make out that the precious yellow metal – ‘Gold’ remains a favourable investment option as compared to silver.

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